Foot Care for your Dog

Muttluks Hott Doggers

Muttluk Boots

Muttluks Hott Doggers

  • Relief from snow and ice clumping between paw pads
  • Holds traction and safety on all weather walks
  • Protects your hardwood floors, boat decks and other delicate surfaces from damage caused by dog's toenails
Non-skid vinyl soles are water resistant and offer traction on smooth surfaces. VELCRO® brand fastener at top keeps boots firmly fixed. Inner fleece keeps paw cushioned and warm and protects from hard pavement. Machine washable. Set of 4 boots. Use instructions below to measure your dog's paw. Please specify color: Black or Red.

 Muttluks Hott DoggersMuttluks Dog Boots
Size NameMeasurementProduct NumberPriceProduct NumberPrice
Itty Bitty1.5"AMF-22085$21.99 AMF-10600$49.99
XXSmall2.25"AMF-22085$21.99 AMF-10600$49.99
XSmall2.75"AMF-22086$22.99 AMF-10601$52.99
Small3.25"AMF-22086$22.99 AMF-10601$52.99
Medium3.75"AMF-22087$23.99 AMF-10602$54.99
Large4.25"AMF-22087$23.99 AMF-10602$54.99
XLarge4.75"AMF-22088$24.99 AMF-10603$57.99

Muttluks Dog Boots

Leather soles guarantee dry and warm paws. Both styles are made with waterproof fabric and have salt and heat resistant leather soles, heavy-duty stiching and adjustable, reflective strap with VELCRO® brand fasteners, and soft knit cuff. All weather boots feature Hydroflex-coated yellow windproof fabric. Cold Weather boots are fleece-lined. Set of 4 boots. Use instructions below to measure your dog's paw. Please specify size, color - Cold Weather Boots: Red or Black — All Weather Boots: Yellow

How to measure for Muttluks

How to Measure
  1. Stand your dog on a blank piece of paper. Trace the outline of a front paw — including toenails. Keep the pen tight against the paw, squishing all fur. Be sure your dog put his full weight on the paw.
  2. Measure the length of the paw outline from the heel to the end of the toenails.
  3. Choose the size that fits the entire paw — including toenails and excluding fur.
A snug fit is best — boot that are too large may slip off.